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Compare and Contrast Essay Descriptive vs. Narrative Denroy M. Carter ENG121: English Composition I Tiffany Gabbard February 10, 2014 Even though some may think Descriptive writing is better than Narrative, determining which type of writing is more superior because everyone likes to tell a story, Narrative writing is more custom friendly than descriptive, and I prefer Narrative writing as it is more simplicity to it. I believe narrative and descriptive essays are two of the most commonly assigned essays for college students. Though the two are different, they both have a specific intent for the writer and audience. A descriptive essay or writing describes a person, place, thing, or event so the reader can visualize it. A narrative essay often reflects a personal experience, explaining what happened from your point of view. Most or another characters view in the story are told from a narrative perspective will have a timeline sequence of events. I believe this enables the narrator to connect his or her story more smoothly. Narrative writing typically follows a chronological pattern so that the readers can follow the events. Most narrative essay topics consist of remembering an experience that caused you to take in and relive the most memorable times of your life. For example, your first trip to a theme park, High School graduation, or maybe a boat cruise to the Bahamas. One thing that I have learned is that a narrative essay is not always a personal experience. If I had to provide a brief meaning for each writing I would say Narrative writing tells a story or part of a story while Descriptive writing vividly explains a person, place or thing in a way that the audience can imagine the topic. By contrast, descriptive writing is self-explanatory and free. Descriptive writing utilizes mostly sensory detail to describe an event, person or feeling to a

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