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Compare and Contrast Essay

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  • on March 5, 2014
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Compare and Contrast Essay
“Song Dynasty Ci poet---Li Qingzhao”
University of Cincinnati
ESL 1068 004
Mrs. Colvin
Shaoting He

        The history of Chinese literature begins with the Book of songs, over five dynasties and ten kingdom period, about seven hundred of years. In this long period of time, Song Dynasty established a very unique form of poetry---Ci, and lots of composer came out as representative person of the Song Dynasty
      Speaking about Ci, this word often translates as “lyrics”; Ci use a set of meter that base on certain patterns and specific tunes. Ci always has formed in a popular song and the length of form does not always content, it can be really short, like only a Chinese character. However, the rhythmic and tonal patterns of the Ci are based upon certain, definitive musical song tunes, Ci always very elegant and interesting to hear. The themes of Ci were really diversity; they usually focus on the pleasure or sorrow in life, with beauty of nature and the passion of their dreams. Mid-autumn Moon by Su Shi in song, was classic piece of Ci that people are still singing in society as a popular song, the most famous lines are ”Here on earth I can dance with my own moonlit shadow whenever I like, where else in the universe can be so carefree to please my mind? ” This express Su Shi’s admiration to be free as the people who live in the celestial palace on the moon. In the season of family celebration, he is being alone but he felt happy with this natural and carefree lifestyle. “I drink excessively in the front of the flower every day. I care little that the image in the mirror shows a thinner face” from Feeling of Uneasiness by Ouyang Xiu, he used a very romantic way to describe his sorrow and forlornness deeply in his heart; drinking in front of flowers and thinner face, both shows his sadness tactfully. Also, “Where to send my letter?” from Lu You, was a remarkable romantic Ci from Song Dynasty, the Song expressed the heartbreaking...

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