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Comparison and Contrast Essay To compare is to show how two or more things are similar. To contrast is to show how two or more things are different. An essay exploring the similarities and differences between two or more subjects is a comparison and contrast essay. Most effective comparison and contrast essays contain: ❖ Two or more subjects that are being compared or contrasted ❖ Details that reveal the similarities or differences between the subjects ❖ Transitions that make relationships between the subjects clear ❖ An effective structure Brainstorming: Use the Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two objects, persons, places, etc. Object 1 Object 2 Differences Similarities Differences Once you have generated ideas, you need to select several aspects to compare. 1. ____________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________ [pic] Comparison-Contrast Essay Patterns 1. Point-by-point pattern In this pattern, you write about one aspect or point at a time. You usually compare and/or contrast in the paragraph. Example: compare and contrast two jobs Aspects (points) Job 1 Job 2 1. Salary - - 2. Benefits - - 3.Opportunities for advancement - - Example A: Body paragraph 2: Another important difference between Job 1 and Job 2 is the benefits. Job 1 offers a lot benefits. All the employees have the right to obtain mandatory benefits. Also, they have some other benefits such as private medical care, two week vacation per year, etc. On the other hand, Job 2 doesn’t

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