Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essay The obvious similarities are they are both films and photographs. While the obvious difference is the contrast and shade of each, they each add their own character and mood. Like most things the devil is in the details, both film and photography have used both styles in memorable ways. Black and white and color in film. It’s possible to do both in one film “Schindlers list” did it the best, black and white brings you back to the world war two era and deepens the impact of the story, while using color to highlight key scenes. The advantage to black and white is that it heightens the impact of the films violence and highlights the duality of good and evil. The lighting and contrast in the film noir style enhance the brutality of each frame. While color adds depth and feeling to the character’s, and give the movie its psychological depth. Then there is Tony Kaye’s American History X which is mostly in color but has flash backs that examines the lead protagonists violent past. Black and white films add a dimension and quality to the film that films in color cannot. They also have a surreal and dream like quality which leaves much more to the imagination. Then there are such full color movies like The godfather or Stephen King’s Shawshank redemption both excellent movies both of which are in the top five best movies ever made While color movies represent reality and the present, while black and white movies add timelessness, they also add a documentary feel to them. Both film and photography benefit from both color and black and white both are still used today and while color is more popular in film and photography, the chosen few who make only black and white their choice seldom stray into color. Photography: Black and white offers more contrast then color, while color has more sharpness. Photography in landscapes: black

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