Compare and Contrast Death

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Compare and Contrast Death Compare and Contrast Death Everything and everybody has a date when their life began and a date where there lives end. When I read a Dog’s Death (Updike 1965) and I Used to Live Here Once (Rhys 1976) in our textbook I now know that everything has an expiration date. Death comes in many ways and is unpredictable. While many people believe there’s life after death and even tried to describe it people do not believe it. Unless you have experienced it yourself you cannot understand it. Updike and his poetry, and Rhys with her short story they describe death and impermanence in their own ways. When Rhys describes life after death in I Used to Live Here Once and Updike describes not everything is permanent like in Dog’s Death by John Updike I see that both are talking about forms of death. While they both talk about it, one tells what it would be like after you die and the other describes the pain, and sadness leading to it. Through out the short story and poem I realized that the authors used tone, and symbolism in their literary work as described in our textbooks. I will be also be including their type of form, describing their content, type of style, and finally the point of view they each used to represent death. In John Updike’s poem Dog’s Death described the final, and painful days of a man’s best friend his dog. The dog was not only his best friend but also more like a member of the family like his own child. Nothing is permanent in this case the narrators’ dog, her health was deteriorating and eventually her body was going to shut down. The author described how the owner showed so munch sympathy, and love to his dog right before it passed away. Just reading the first line “She must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car” (cited in Clugston, 2010, Ch. 2.3) set the tone showing sadness, this led to not knowing how she was

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