Compare And Contrast Daoism And Buddhism

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Comp Essay 1 - Buddhism and Daoism Comparative Essay- Buddhism and Daoism Daoism and Buddhism were similar religions during the classical era because of their shared belief in balance as a way to maintain order in the world, and neither was intended for political advancement nor were they the dominant religion because their beliefs and leaders were concerned less with government and more with maintaining oneself in harmony, however they were different in that the ultimate goal of Buddhism is to reach Nirvana, whereas Daoism attempts to find 'the way' to live one's life and find knowledge and harmony in the universe. Daoism and Buddhism both held to the core belief that human life should be composed of balance. The name of Daoism came…show more content…
Daoist stressed what their leader Laozi named, 'the way' and thought that with a restrained and balanced life one could ultimately reach a full understanding of and unity with the universe. Buddhists did not, they believed that throughout the meditation and improvement of one's inner balance a person could achieve a higher state of being for each lifetime reincarnated. For Daoists, balance and harmony with nature was simply a way of finding the path to ascension into a more ultimate ending of being with the world. Buddhists progressed constantly thought many lives improving, until 'Buddha' or meaning “awakened/enlightened one.” Daoism focused on a stipulation of “doing nothing,” which did not refer to inaction but instead to the natural flow which is continuous and perfectly synchronized and in balance. Buddhists achieved their end path after all suffering was endured and one has come in control of every action and thought, only then could the ultimate happiness and paradise in nirvana be reached. Daoists searched for the first cause of the universe to which all souls belonged to, came from, and could return to after the ultimate control and balance was reached. Daoism and Buddhism were intrinsically similar in many ways. Mainly because of a lack of concern for politics, government, and earthly ordering of people at a socially significant level, both religions' main focus and teaching was the balance and harmony for all people in a natural way and in one's own mind. Their afterlife, so to speak, was different in the belief that individual happiness and peace was the end path for Buddhists, while Daoists wanted to remain and become once again to the continuity of the universe and all life and not as human

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