Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Leif Erickson

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God, gold, and glory, as simple and effortlessly understood as these three nouns may seem they are the most significant reasons for discovery. Many a great nations have been found in pursuit of just those three. They have altered the course of history and changed the way of the world. Whether it is in vain or avarice, humans have a natural and undeniable curiosity and sense of progression and expansion. The desire to know, obtain and see more never fails to cease. Today, we search the deepest depths of the perilous oceans we once sailed to find new land. We once gazed towards the stars for guidance. Now we have touched outermost galaxies of space with mind-blowing technology. In past eras explorers had primitive maps and unreliable systems of travel and direction. Some of the explorers that we now refer to the greatest made their mark on history and the world by pure serendipity. Among the numerous phenomenal and notable discoverers are Christopher Columbus and Leif Erikson. The two at a surface glance might appear similar however; the comparable title of “explorer” might misguide one to overlook vast contrast between these two historically essential men. Christopher Columbus the man, the myth, and the explorer. Despite pop culture’s depiction of historical figures, Columbus had humble beginnings and a fair share of good luck. He was born around 1451 in Italy to a wool merchant. Because he was the oldest of five children the family was rather poor and he received little…show more content…
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