Compare and Contrast Christianity and Judasim

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Compare Christianity and Judaism Christianity and Judaism both developed on the basis of obeying God, with loyalty to his rules and intentions and their faithful fulfillment. Since the fulfillment of God’s will is a duty of a Jewish or Christian person, both religions fall into the rule of ethics that consisted of moral obligation. Yet, as these two religions share a similar code of ethics, they both consist of many rituals and beliefs that differ from one another. Ranging from this set of religion’s origins, to their practices of modern day, Christianity and Judaism share similarities and differences with each other. Christianity and Judaism’s similarities and differences are made up of important factors such as the set of religions’ modern day practices, beliefs based off of their early origins, and their political roles and place of power in the ancient world. Christianity and Judaism both share many, little social factors that clearly distinguish their differences and similarities. A social factor that shows differences between the two religions would be their form of worship services. They vary, for example Christians attend churches on Sundays, were the mass is led by a priest who reads prayers from the Holy Bible. As for the Jews, their holy days are from Friday p.m. - Saturday p.m. were they attend a worship service at a synagogue, which is led by Rabbis as opposed to the Christian’s priest. Differences between the two are also shown through each religion’s sects even though they both share the sect of Orthodox. Christianity consists of Roman Catholicism and Prostinence; as opposed to Judaism’s sects of Conservative and Reformed, pretty simple though. Even though the two religions did distinguish a difference when it came to their worship services, they did share a similarity which would be the holy communion of breaking of bread and the sharing of
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