Compare And Contrast Black Women And White Women's Suffrage

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Compare and Contrast Analysis: White Women vs. Black Men on the Issue of Suffrage By Ruby Snow History 1301-11/20/2008 In the meeting held in New York City by the American Equal Rights Association in May of 1869, the issue of suffrage was thoroughly discussed. It was obvious from statements made by committee members that most were in favor of suffrage granted to white women first and the “negro” later. They had various reasons why they felt white women’s suffrage was more important than black men’s suffrage. Considering the fact that there were no blacks at this meeting the comments and suggestions were very biased and at times very prejudice. The following paragraphs outline the arguments and various reasons why black men’s suffrage should come before white women. One of the major reasons why the committee members thought that the “negro” should not be granted suffrage…show more content…
All over the country women were being murdered because of they violated a code of ethics designed by men to limit their independence and keep them in an inferior position. This may have been true, but because the right to suffrage was not going to be granted to all women no matter what their race these types of scenarios would continue to occur. Besides, women could still only hope to fix this problem because of the fact that men would still be running the country only now women would be able to partake in the selection of politicians. Allowing black men the right to suffrage first would at least be fair in the sense that someone in every family and walk of life would be represented in government decision making. That way issues that affect the black race could be addressed instead of only one color of people representing the United States as a

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