Compare And Contrast Biff Loman And Willy In Death Of A Salesman

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Decline of a Family Although it is evident that Willy and Biff Loman are related, there are also many characteristics that set them apart. They are both misplaced and seem to embellish the facts on a regular basis. However, they differ in their accountability for their action and the way they think. Willy’s misplacement can be defined by the fact that he is a truly unsuccessful salesman who is convinced happiness comes from the wrong things in life. Instead of following his true talent of building and becoming a carpenter, he went down the wrong path in life for himself. Willy was mixed up by what it actually means to have a good life, and that was his biggest failure. As Biff remarks, “He had the wrong dreams. All, all, wrong.”…show more content…
For Willy, it is apparent that reality and truth are too harsh for him and he would rather deal with lies instead. He conjures up ideas of what he wishes were real because to him being successful is the most important thing and what he needs people to believe. One of the main examples of this is when Willy says to his sons “they know me down in New England..” (page 19). Although he is clearly an unsuccessful salesman, he holds himself accountable to be extremely well-known and well-liked. Willy also encourages Biff to be unaccountable by telling him “coach’ll probably congratulate you on your initiative” when Biff steals the football. Additionally, he refuses to take responsibility when Bernard brings up the night Biff went to discuss his algebra teacher with him as a possible cause for Biff’s erratic behavior. Biff, on the other hand, seems to accept reality much more than his father. He understands that he has messed up and comes to terms with the fact that he needs to make some changes. This is especially apparent towards the end of the play, where Biff exclaims, “Now you hit it on the nose! The scum of the earth, and you’re looking at him.” (page 99). This is a very blunt way to describe himself and shows that he is not trying to make excuses for

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