Compare and Contrast Between Pele and Maradona Essay

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NABEEL Who are the best soccer players to have touched a ball in soccer history? This question overstrains soccer experts and critics all over the world to select only one player. Pelé and Maradona are the most superstars in the world. Although, Pelé and Maradona retired soccer long time ago, no one dares to compare them with current soccer player. Pelé and Maradona share some points, such as wealth and fame. However, Pelé and Maradona still have several differences in some aspects, such as their personal lives, clubs they played with, and their sport activities after retirement. One major difference between Pelé and Maradona is their personal lives. Pelé was born on either October 21 or 23, 1940 in Brazil. He was the elder of two siblings. Pelé grew up in poor family, so he worked servant in tea shop to get money (“Pelé”). In Brazil, Pelé is still considered a national hero, for his soccer achievements, and his efforts to help poor Brazilian people. Pelé was denoted by Brazilian President (Jânio Quadros) as a national treasure in 1961. During his career, Pelé became known as "The Black Pearl", "The King of Football", "The King Pelé" or simply "The King". In contrast, Maradona was born on 30 October, 1960 in Argentina. Maradona has two brothers and three sisters. At age eight, Maradona was observed by a talent scout while he was playing in his neighborhood club (“Maradona”). Maradona’s fame burned out because his cocaine addiction. In 1994 FIFA world cup which held in the United States Maradona was fired because drugs test, which proved that he addict it. The most noticeable difference between Pelé and Maradona is the clubs they played with. Pelé played only with Santos club in Brazil, and New York Cosmos in United States (“Pelé”). His club career was highly successful in both clubs where he helped them to win a lot of leagues. On the other hand, Maradona

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