Compare And Contrast Barbie And The Woman Of Willendorf

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Barbie… Is she the perfect girl? Or just another example depicting what our society has become with the idea of appearances. Woman of Willendorf… Was she a blind creation? Or was she a symbolic statue to worship women? Throughout the years, Barbie and Willendorf have consistently been compared to. Both statues are completely different in their physical and symbolic aspects, but nevertheless the same in their symbolic status towards women. Barbie is a best-selling fashion doll that was launched in 1959. Her actual name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She has a slim waist, has round hips, and long legs. She's not necessarily realistic within our world, but she is what you can say, "perfect sized". Her body has become idolized and wanted by women within society. Barbie is a fashion icon, the perfect girl, and purely looked up to by many. She's a representation of how girls should look or want to look within the current time frame. The Woman of Willendorf, on the other hand, is an 11.1 cm high statuette of a female figure estimated to have been created around 22,000 BC, and she is the complete opposite. She has pendulous breasts and a round fertile tummy.…show more content…
The Woman of Willendorf may have been looked up to back in Common Era due to her capabilities. Her "womanly features" emphasized to show that she was respected because of what she has naturally, and her ability to reproduce. Barbie, on the other hand, is highly superficial. People look up to her now because she is beautiful, and is successful within her career as she has evolved to become other beings such as Barbie Police and Barbie Doctor. But the biggest difference with her is that achieving her looks may be highly unlikely. What is accepted to society has gone from being beautiful as a woman, to being a beautiful woman. Being proud of natural attributes and capabilities have gone to wanting to be tall, skinny, and powerful within one's

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