Compare and Contrast Ballet and Tap

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Ballet and Tap Dancing Ballet and tap dancing are similar in many ways. Both ballet and tap dancing are considered technical dances because there are rules to follow. You need to take lessons to learn the steps correctly. They both have a special language to describe the dance steps or moves. To do these dance steps correctly, you need lots and lots of practice. Also, tap and ballet have their own special shoes that you need to wear. Instead of standing still like a statue, you need to move you whole body. In both ballet and tap, you need to have good balance. To get good balance, dancers need to have strong core muscles. In ballet and tap, you can dance on stage by yourself or with a group. Although ballet and tap are similar in many ways, they are also very different. Ballet dancing came from the Italians, the French, and the Russians. Tap dancing came from the English clog dancers, the Irish step dancers, and the African American slaves. Ballet uses words like plié, arabesque, and grand jete to describe the dance moves. Tap uses words like buffalo, shuffle ball change, and flap to describe the dance steps. Ballet shoes have a soft, flexible sole. Tap shoes have metal plates on the bottom of the shoes. These plates are on the toes and on the heels. Ballerinas need to be very flexible to do the dance moves. Tap dancers do not need to be as flexible. In ballet, when your foot leaves the floor, your toe must be pointed. Tap dancers do not have to point their toes when their foot leaves the floor. Ballerinas dance to soft or classical music. In tap, you dance to a more upbeat music. Ballerinas float or glide through the air. Ballet is seen as a graceful dance. In tap, dancers use their feet to make rhythm patterns with their feet Even though ballet and tap dancing are very different, they are both very fun to

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