Compare and Contrast Ballad and Epics

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Epic’s and ballads, may be looked over as just two sorts of poetry among many. Between the two types of poetry, qualities show the resemblance along with some that set one apart for the other. Both have traits that immediately catch the reader's attention. As in the Epics strong attention to adventure and the ballads rhyme scheme. While both poems have traits that are similar, they have many more traits that differ from each other. While the ballad and the epic are are both types of poetry, they have unique elements that differ and elements that are similar. First, the ballad is able to tell a story through a narrative within the poem. These narrative within the context of the poem give the reader enough information to hold their attention. This enables the reader to grasp the concept of the story while also moving the story along. The ballad incorporates a rhyme scheme that also catches the readers attention and draws them in (Hecht Notes Ballad). Also a ballads integrates in a quatrain which is a four line stanza(Hecht Ballad Handout). When combining the rhyme scheme with the quatrain it enhances the thoughts about the poem altogether. Ballads are not written by just any author many are passed down from generation to generation(Hecht Notes Ballad) This allows it to changed and put into the story tells own perspective. Many ballads also have a refrain within its structure (Sir Patrick Spens). This refrain is a line that is repeated multiple time throughout the course of the poem. It regenerates the focus to this line that may be more important than others.Along with a refrain a ballad often incorporates incremental repetition. This incremental repetition is based off of one line that throughout the poem may be changed in minor ways but keeps on giving the same result. Ballads have vast characteristics that are not often thought about when
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