Compare And Contrast Arawacks And Caribs

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How accurate it is to assert that: “Regardless of a name change to ‘Neo-Indians’ the earliest people in the region still remain Caribs and Arawacks. The changing of a name doesn’t really have to change who you are as an individual or society on a whole. The Neo-Indians can still be called Caribs and Arawacks. These two groups were divided into two main groups which were Salodoid or Salodoid-Barroncoid. The Salodoid people spoke a language called Arawakan and lived throughout the greater and lesser Antilles. The other sub-division of the Salodoid people spoke a language called Cariban. Due to the Caribs and Arawacks language and culture, the Europeans may have imprinted that name on them, and may also come about from the repeated use that caused it to stick to them. Both the Spaniards and the Europeans misused and ill-treated the Caribs and Arawacks and this led to sickness in both areas. The Spanish early explorers, who wanted to justify their horrific and inhumane actions towards the Caribs classed them to be carnivores. This allegation up to this day cannot be scientifically proven. There is no…show more content…
They were considered good-looking and had brown smooth looking skin. They believed that there beauty was shown by their flatten foreheads. This was done by placing boards on newly born baby heads. This was proven to thicken the skull due to the blows received from the Europeans. They had broad noses and usually flared and their hair was straight, black and coarse. The Caribs on the other hand were warlike. They were great hunters and focus alot on agriculture. The Caribs and Arawacks both loved bracelets and beads. They wore little clothing and was very creative in making pottery and baskets. Their societies produced a vibrant material culture and were organized. The element of trade was normal with each other. The Caribs originally called themselves Kalinagos while the Arawacks called themselves
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