Compare And Contrast Apush And Roosevelt's Domestic Policies

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Domestic Policies ! Roosevelt: As a progressive president, Roosevelt designed his domestic policy to fight against corruption and big industries so that the common man would recieve assistance. One of his implemented policies was the Square Deal which was targeted to improve the standard of living and extend control over large corporations and trusts. The ‘busting’ of the Standard Oil trusts was one of Roosevelt’s famous break ups of Northern Securities. ! Taft: Redarding reform, Taft’s main goal was to developan organized framework for administering an agenda of reform. Instead of a legislative agenda setting, the idea of an executive leadership was focused on administration. An example of how Taft was show his power was to reform tariff law through reduced…show more content…
He created a reliable defense to avoid conflict with enemies and ended isolationism. ! Taft: His main program, “dollar diplomacy”, was designed to expand U.S. foreign trade and encourage U.S. investments in Central American and Eastern territories. Government officials promoted American products overseas in order to implement “dollar diplomacy”. The United States military was used as a tool of economic diplomacy. ! Wilson: Wilson came into office with little foreign relation experience, however, was determined to base his policy on moral priciples rather than materialism to the selfish degree. He was very eager to encourage the process because he strongly believed that democracy was gaining strength throughout the world. ! Harding: Charles Hughes was appointed President Harding’s Secretary of State and had a free hand in foreign affairs. The foreign policy that he created allowed the United States to participate in the world’s economic life while maintaining a free hand in international relations. The hope to use American banks instead of British financiers in the handling of world trade was used along with this
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