Compare And Contrast Animal Farm/The Wave

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Understanding the term totalitarian government refers to absolute power, a dictator that controls all. This term is present in the film text ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell and the written text ‘The Wave’ by Todd Strasser. Each author has related techniques within their writing and film to power. According to this quote: ‘power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’, initially these texts present the techniques which show how power can take over, the author does this by using, verbal and non verbal language, symbolism, motifs and mass media. A similarity between the style of the two texts is that each story is short a simple, both are told from the narrators perspective. They tell of a new revolution that has taken over their lives in one way or another, and both are based on a form of government that has previously influenced society in the past. ‘The Wave’ focuses on the ruling by the Nazi’s, how Hitler’s influence was able to be so strong and powerful without any Germans speaking out against him. ‘Animal Farm’ is different in a way that it focuses more on a dictatorship, showing how after the takeover of the farm instead of ruling together as a group the pigs slowly take control till they have absolute power. Another difference in style is the use of language within the text; ‘The Wave’ uses a lot of verbal communication between characters. ‘Animal Farm’ uses only short dialogue between characters, short yet direct and clear. Throughout the text one of the occurring themes in ‘The Wave’ seems to be a desire for power and success. ‘The Wave’ although starting off as a harmless experiment brings into the classroom a group of students that suddenly feel like they belong a sense of unity, to please their leader and obey commands without thinking on their own. The result of this however does produce a successful outcome; the wave then moves
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