Compare and Contrast: American and French Revolution

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Enlightenment thinkers began to revolutionize the way of thinking around the world, particularly in France and America, changing the ways people thought about life during the late eighteenth century. The American Revolution began by the reason of taxation without representation. The French aided the Americans in their war, evoking ideas that France should have equality and justice as well. On the account of the Americans did influence France, their revolutions had many comparable qualities, as well as opposing characteristics. Both regions had several things in common, such as unjust rulers and desire of equality and freedom for peasants and nobles, although they had major differences on how they went about winning their revolution and what they were fighting for. The British colonies in America and the French suffered from unjust rule from the monarchy and aristocrats, who had more power and wealth. The Kings, Parliament, and Nobles were superior, had all the authority, made all the rules, passed all the laws, yet the citizens of France the Britain’s colonies were the ones who had to pay the price. The government did not bother to listen to the voices and demands of the common people, being unfairly taxed so the elite can have their own personal gains, creating the path for a strong sense of patriotism and pride in one’s nation, forging people to stand up for the rights they deserve, commencing the beginning of the Revolutions. Equality and freedom were the motivations of the war. The commoners and lower class did not feel that were getting equal representation in their countries, even though they made up a major part of the census. The British used the Americans for their own selfish needs and benefits and taxed the colonists on sugar, stamps, wine, paper, tea, and put trading restrictions on every other country except for England’s. The Nobles in France refused
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