Compare and Contrast a Bit vs a Hackamore

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A bit and a hackamore are both used for similar purposes; however based on the location of pressure, a bit shows to be more viable when casually riding and working a horse where a hackamore is more useful for training. Both are built and used similarly, but a bit is more often used because of the quick reactions the rider receives from the horse. A bit is built to obtain sharp responses from a horse using pressure. There are three pressure points throughout a bit, but the main pressure point is located in the mouth which is one of the most sensitive parts of the horse’s body. A bit is commonly made from metal and leather. A metal rod or chain runs through the horse’s mouth and a leather strap connects to the rod and runs around the ears. The leather strap is known as the headpiece and its main purpose is to apply pressure behind the ears which causes the horse to be more attentive to the rider’s commands. The third pressure point on a bit is under the chin which is applied by the chinstrap and acts as reinforcement to the rest of the bridle. A bit focuses on one main location for control. A hackamore is made to give an overall control of a horse and is best used for training. The hackamore’s balance of pressure throughout the bridle is why many people favor this bridle for training a younger horse. Its structure is similar to the bit; however the main difference is the nose piece of the hackamore. It is simply a metal chain wrapped in leather that drapes over the higher part of the horse’s nose. This piece applies distinct pressure over the nose making it easier for a horse to understand the command that is being asked. The hackamore also has a headpiece and a chinstrap that helps keep the horse under control at high speeds or even when a child is riding. The bit and hackamore may be similarly built, but they are frequently used for different types of riding. A

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