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Winter and Summer Outdoors Activities Outdoor activities can be very fun for many reasons. People enjoy outdoor activities in any time of the year because there is always something different to do. To enjoy the outdoors all year round people need to know the difference in climate in winter and summer outdoor activities to be able to fully enjoy both. Winter outdoor activities may be good for exercise and fun. In comparison to the summer activities which can be done in almost every climate, winter activities involve snow. Winter activities, which involve snow, make the challenge even harder. Snow may be considered fun for a lot of people but at the end it gets boring after a while due to the fact people get tired very fast. The cold is another negative side for the winter outdoor activities that make people stay outside for a short period of time unlike the summer. Some of the winter outdoor activities involve danger and fun mixed together creating a unique experience. Winter is one of the times in the year in which people stay in their houses and will almost never go out. Summer outdoor activities are always fun and will leave an unforgettable experience. During summer there is a variety of outdoor activities that are commonly known throughout the world. One of the many activities that lots of people enjoy is tanning at the beach. Unlike in winter, summer activities involve sun and an open space. Something that everyone enjoys about summer is the sun and the heat that they feel while doing activities. Unlike the winter activities the, summer activities can keep people outside for a long period of time. To enjoy an activity during summer or winter you have to know the ups and downs. Climate is one of the important parts when you go on outdoor activities, and there is almost no difference in the activities other than the climate. Many people who know little facts

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