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The comparison and contrast between the culture in Canada and China Nowadays, both eastern culture and western culture respect human rights, freedom and focus on the education quality. However, there does still exist differences between eastern culture and western culture in the areas of social relations, religions, belief, and dietary habit. From those things, we can know what is the difference between those two territory cultures. The significant cultural differences between people in Canada and China are the changed attitudes to deal with things and have different theories to communication with people. These differences are primarily related to history and different philosophies. China is a country that has five thousand years’ history including Confucius influences on Chinese moral theories. Confucius is part of the greatest ideologists and educationists in China whose theory taught people to be benevolent, just, honest, respectfully and obeys the seniors. As a result of that, Chinese always rely on their family support and his or her parents’ advices. It is natural for young people live with their parents after they graduate from college. In addition, people are educated to be proper and kind, therefore, people in China always are more concern about others feelings more than themselves. Thus, when Chinese people deal with things, they mostly concentrate on whether is it ethnic or not. However, Western society is established based on rights and laws, which allow people to respect objective facts, legal rights and independence. Canadians think whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or if is it permissible when they deal with things. Furthermore, parents encourage their children to seek a part-time job in high school, which can let youngsters to learn self-reliance. Other differences are religious. The major religions in China are Buddhism and

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