Compare and Contrast

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Compare -Contrast Essay For my Compare and Contrast essays I chose two essays that had something unique in common. Not all connections are obvious therefore I believe that you should choose essays based on the feelings they provoke in you, not by how easy they are to write about. I chose “This Old House” by David Sedaris for my narrative selection and “Sister Flowers” by Maya Angelou for my descriptive essay. The narrative essay "This old House" by David Sedaris is about a young adult that was misunderstood by others. The character in the story longed for a home of his own. The essay is how different people interpret their surroundings in various stages of their lives. Some individuals do not know how to appreciate certain things in life. While others appreciate how life was before material and technological items were more important. The descriptive essay "Sister Flowers" by Maya Angelou is about a young girl named Marguerite Johnson. Marguerite loved to read books and enjoyed going to school. The only thing about Marguerite she was not a very outspoken person, and was very quite in class. There was a lady name Bertha flowers who Marguerite looked up to. Mrs. Flowers had a love for reading just as well as Marguerite. In both essays struggle and confidence both were portrayed by each character. The comparison between descriptive and narrative essays are somewhat different. The narrative essay "This Old House" by David Sedaris reflects on personal experiences. The writer explains what happened during his childhood and adulthood. The descriptive, essay" Sister Flowers" by Maya Angelou uses sensory detail to paint the picture for the reader. The reader is able to visualize the scene and the characters in the essay. The words are so in depth that the reader actually can feel the characters pain. Similarities of Both Essays Both essays were written in first
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