Compare And Contrast 6 Poems

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Based on the academic exercise that had been given, I have studied some poems based on the theme of school. After I have studied those poems, I decided to choose 6 of them to analyse and write a reflection about it. The poems that I have chosen are “First Day at School” by Roger McGough, “School is not so cool” by Chantel Braatz, “Going Back to School” by Stephen Vincent Benet, “Dunce” by Robert W. Service, “Two Schools” by Henry Van Dyke, and “The School in August” by Philip Larkin. I choose these poems because they are the most interesting poems that I have read. First of all, I would like to give my opinion on the literary devices which was found in these 6 poems. One of the literary devices that can be found in most of these 6 poems is repetition. Repetition is the repeated used of words or phrases in a sentence or text to create a sense of patterns or to emphasize a particular idea. In the poem “School is Not So Cool” by Chantel Braatz, the phrases “School, school, school A school is not so cool” has repeated by the poet to show that the persona dislike the life in the school. Repetition also found in the “Two School” by Henry Van Dyke, the sentence “I put my heart to school” has repeated a few times in the poem to show the comparition between the school and home. Besides that, rhetorical question was also found in some of the poems that I have chosen. Rhetorical question is questions which answers are very obvious and therefore not expected. In the poem “First Day at School” by Roger McGough, there are some questions such as “Things that carry off and eat children?” and “Things you don’t take sweets from?” are the examples of rhetorical questions. Other than that, personification and consonance can be found in the “The School in August” by Philip Larkin. In this poem, the sentence “A sunbeam creeps between the chairs” is the example of personification.
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