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Radical Environmentalist vs. the Beavers The two articles I am comparing are “Radical Environmentalists vs. the Beavers” by Jack Alan Brown, Jr. and “Environmentalists are Mean Green Joes” by F.R. Duplantier. Radical environmentalism is a term that a lot of people are starting to use in their everyday vocabulary, when I think a lot about all the things that the environmentalists talk about. In these two articles, I read at, they both articulate on the same subject of environmental issues. The first author, Jack Alan Brown, Jr., is someone who is not against environmentalism, but he feels as if we have to do something to push forward the development of mankind. The second author, F.R. Duplantier’s topic is “Do environmentalists really love nature, or do they just hate people” (1)?. For the human culture to be able to move forward and develop, nature is going to have to play a big role by giving humans the resources they need that come from nature. In the first article, Brown Jr. has come up with the idea of what beavers do to the rivers and how they work together to get things done to relate back to how humans get things done. The author is relating the beavers, a furry animal, in an attempt to get somewhat of an emotional response out of his readers. This author is making the other view on dams. He tries to make the beavers seem like they are somewhat the bad guys in all this, because if they can do it, then why can’t humans? Brown says, “They (the beavers) alter the wet lands wherever they go” (1). The author is somewhat comparing the humans building their “dams” and the beavers building their dams. However, Brown Jr. is using a small scale comparison to a big scale, but one can easily see the idea he is trying to convey. Brown has also developed a sentence structure that moves in a consistent flow. He also uses nice sentence structures making it easy for

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