Compare and Contrast Essay

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College Campus Classes VS College Online Classes This paper will compare and contrast college campus courses VS college online courses. As an online student I was curious to learn and research the pros and cons of both campus courses, and online courses. What is college campus courses? The traditional college classes is where students attend a regular set scheduled time to be present in class. What is college online classes? College online classes is where students log in to a course website to attend classes. First, I’ll describe how campus classes and online classes are similar. In both courses you will have an instructor. The instructor will help you reach your goals as a college student. For a given course, the learning style is likely to be similar because each subject requires a certain type of course work or lab-work to be completed to enable the students to qualify. Both online and on-campus classes start at roughly similar times in the year so that the students are all working towards the same stage. The schedule to complete work is roughly the same for a particular full-time course. This means that the same amount of work has to be completed at the same academic level. The same amount of time needs to be put in by the student to achieve the desired result. Now I’ll describe the differences between campus classes and online classes. Online classes has a Limited interaction with instructors. Online professors usually have a limited role in teaching, as they primarily guide students through the pre-written or pre-recorded course material, rather than teach it like professor in a campus class. With my research some students who thrive in one-on-one interaction with their professors, have trouble with this format of schooling. One of the benefits of attending courses in a traditional bricks-and–mortar school is the peer-to-peer interaction. Social interaction

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