Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast If you are ever looking for an answer for something, or even doing research for a paper, usually the first place people look is a search engine. Yahoo and Google are arguably the two most popular search engines out there. Most people don’t care which on they use, but most people also don’t know that there are a lot of similarities between the two, but also a lot of differences. The most obvious difference between these two web sites is the interface, layout and design of the pages. Google offers a very clean and simple interface, which attracts lots of viewers. Where Yahoo is busy and cluttered, and filled with lots of advertisements that cause lots of distraction. When people are showed a bunch of links and advertisements it is much harder to focus on just the search engine when so many other distractions are there. When using the Google search engine, it seems much easier and just the right one to use without all the junk on the home page. Advertising is a necessary feature to many web sites, but most just see it as a nuisance. Google and Yahoo offer many of the same features (e-mail, news, and search), but the inside of the pages are drastically different. Google continues to use the clean and easy to use interface in every one of its pages. Yahoo on the other hand has drastically different pages in its web site. For example, the Yahoo music section looks completely different than the auto or news section. Each section maintains a link to the main web site, but ultimately, there is little consistency within the Yahoo web site. You might not have noticed that Google and Yahoo show different results when you search. Each search engine uses different methods to decide what is relevant to the person searching, and also what sites you want to see. Each engine places different values on what matters most. Google looks closely at a web

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