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Alyvia Beeman Prof. Nancy Martin ENG101 3/2/2013 This Place is Nothing Like Home Every Saturday my grandma and I would take a long hour drive to Middletown. We would drive up to Middletown to go see my sister. She was in a group home, and she was only allowed visit on Saturday. When we got in the car it was an average sunny day. The wind was blowing, and the birds were singing in the trees. We pulled out my bumpy driveway, and headed for the highway. The drive took forever I felt like I was driving to Virginia. I didn’t want to be the car. I rather would be in my king sized bed with my head against my full body pillow. Every time I went to go visit my sister I couldn’t stand it. Everything about that strange place bothered me: The atmosphere was horrible, the visit was long and the rooms were small, and the food smelt like it a dirty toilet bowl, and it even tasted worse than it smelled. When we finally got to the group home I couldn’t believe how the area surrounding the building looked. There was trash all over the front of the building. There was chip bags, soda bottles, paper bags, plastic bags, and there was even dog poop all over the lawn. The outside of the building was all brick, and it had tree vines attaching themselves to the building. The doors on the building were worn and torn. The paint was peeling off, it was rusty, and the door looked like it had just survived from a gun fight. I felt like I was at an abandon old, worn down prison. When we made is inside we had to ring the bell before entering, and someone came and buzzed us in. We walked to the information desk to sign ourselves in. Then this lady sitting behind the information desk come us to sit in the waiting room until someone is sent down to come and walks us to were my sister was. We went into the waiting room for a couple of minutes. I

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