Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast Comic book hero’s with mythological creatures Comic book hero’s and mythological creatures have lots of differences, and lots of similarities. They can big differences and small ones. Some of the differences between mythological and comic heroes is that mythological creatures could be living. Comic book heroes can’t, they are made up stories to attract kids. One way they do it is to make comic book heroes exciting so that they seem real. One more difference is that comic book heroes have abnormal powers, but mythological creatures don’t have abnormal powers, but in on way they look abnormal. One example is, Argos the hundred-eyed monster. They both can be considered heroes in a way. Besides the differences between both of them, they also have thing that are alike in. one possibility is that the first thing that pops in mind is that this are good people. Cause who would think that a bad person was a hero? Besides that, another similarity is that they abnormal in some way or another. For example the comic book hero Super-Man has super strength that allows him to move heavy stuff. Now example from mythological creatures, Hermes the messenger of the goods, was so fast that he could deliver messages to gods in minutes. To conclude, I think that there is a big difference between Comic hero’s and mythological creatures. Comic book hero’s are fake. But mythological creatures could be real. How might people know this? Because some archeologist have discovered evidence buried underground of the palace of Knossos. They also found jars of food , which meant that something lived there
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