Compare and Contrast Essay

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Blaine Pack Expo into visual arts Nov, 15, 2012 Compare and Contrast 2 Above we have to different types of work by two different artists on the left is one of pieces of cube work from David Smith and on the right is one of the installation pieces from Christo and Jeanne-Claude. As you can tell these are two very different types of art pieces but there many things to contrast about them and even some things to compare too. David Smith’s piece looks to be made out of a type of metal and was probably heated and pounded into the shapes that it takes in contrast Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s piece looks to be very large pieces of fabric bundled around a tree to make many different shapes as to where it almost looks like the sails on a ship. These are to different types of material made to make these pieces obviously two very different sizes and the atmosphere around these pieces are extremely different. Smith’s piece was probably made in a studio closed off to himself were as Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work as been made out in the open with the natural elements. There are also things to compare about these two pieces. If you look closely the two pieces are almost in the same color and also both pieces compare to each other by shape there many instances where both of these have a 3 dimensional cube shape to them especially Smith’s work. But these are about the only things I have found to compare about these pieces because mainly these are just two very different styles of art work as you have metal steel shaped into cubes and then installation work which consist of taking just the natural environment and turning it into a piece of art work with different types of material as in this case probably a type of fabric. Once again the materials used to make these art pieces are very different, the environment is very different, the meaning behind these two pieces are

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