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Compare and Contrast ENG121: English Composition I Compare and Contrast Deciding what to do after exiting the military can be a daunting task. Any person separating from the military is faced with finding the route that best fits where they want to go in life. This is an extremely important decision with many factors which must be weighed carefully. Here are some factors he or she may want to take into account when choosing a path: significant job experience, salary, short term goals, long term goals, and current level of education. Taking these factors and weighing them against one’s employment options should aid in making the decision. It is imperative he or she make the right decision; failure to do so may result in overwhelming consequences. Some of the immediate employment options may reflect entry level positions, management positions, or independent positions; these are the options they should be comparing the factors against. Entry level positions will be the easiest jobs to obtain. They only require a low level of job experience and expertise, if any. However, when comparing the starting salary to some of the other options, it quite frankly falls short. For immediate short term security, this could be a good option, but the employee may want continue scouting for jobs. As far as long term goals go, this may not be the option he or she wants to take. There will be little room for upward growth in most cases, and the growth will take place over a much longer period of time. It’s not likely that education is a major factor in obtaining an entry level position. Typically, people searching for jobs will find the requirements for upper level management positions to be a little more stringent than the lower level or entry level positions. However, the benefits tend to increase as well. These positions will surely specify a minimum level of experience

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