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Katlyn McEvoy Ms Samuels Eng 101.07 – Compare and Contrast Essay 30 March 2012 Compare and Contrast Essay Many articles are written about the wolf population impacting humans and livestock in the United States. The article Man versus wild: plans to take gray wolves off the endangered species list have people howling by Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication discusses how the wolf populations have come back from the brink and are now terrorizing local ranches. People in certain states want the wolves taken off the Endangered Species List so that they can control the wolf populations themselves without government intervention. The article Thrown to the wolves: wolves are being reintroduced to wildlands to drive people out, intentionally putting human life at risk for the sake of creating a UN biodiversity preserve; by Grigg, William Norman, is written more as examples and opinions from ranchers and locals about how the wolf recovery program is destroying their way of life and their lives themselves. In my opinion, the article Thrown to the wolves is a good example of how wolves clash with humans and make our lives difficult, whereas the article Man versus wild explains the relationship between wolves and humans, but also mentions nonlethal ways that we can coexists. Wolves in the United States will always clash with humans over the same primal rights of survival. In Man versus wild, wolves can be “killed only with government permission or by authorized government agents.” (Man versus wild) The article mentions how the wolves got on the U.S. Endangered Species list in the first place, by human activity, hunting, and trapping. And if we don’t continue to protect them, humans will drive them to extinction. But there are also nonlethal ways to control the wolf populations while at the same time protecting livestock. Wolves are important to the ecosystem, without

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