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Compare and contrast between two television programmed. Edmarie Agcaoili Ashford University ENG122 Sandra Weisel July 23, 2012 As we know, television is important in our lifes. Some people like to watch documentary programmed and some of them like to watch entertainment programs. There are several differences between documentary programmed and entertainment programmed in terms of acknowledgement, effect of watching the programmed and type of the audience. "Reality" programming, which is better termed "unscripted" television, is an entertainment product that makes no attempt to inform or educate, or enrich the world at large. It makes no promise that real events were not altered or staged. "Documentary" programming, in its purest form, is an attempt, through the documentation (with as little staging or intrusion as possible) of naturally occurring events, to inform or educate, and generally implies a call to action. Even a documentary showing happy people in a happy place would imply that unhappy people in unhappy places have something to learn. First, documentary programmed is different from entertainment programmed in terms of acknowledgement. Documentary gives us a lot of knowledge. Besides that, it also gives us information that is related to science including physic, chemistry and biology. Then it brings us to discover about the god’s creator. Unlike entertainment programmed, its bring us to discover about film and studio. Moreover, it gives us information that is related to artist, movies and concerts. Television is of course one of the biggest human inventions. Along with the light bulb and the car, it is fair to say that TV has transformed society. It has also provided a great source of media and information for all generations, allowing us all to watch entertaining shows and take in information, with news channels that cover breaking news from

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