Compare And Contrast Essay

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Adam Fritz Mr. Kappauff Eng 096 Hockey vs. Basketball On the surface, the two professional sports of hockey and basketball, come across to be very different, but once a deeper look is taken, it is clear to see that they have more in common than initially thought. When it comes to hockey and basketball, hockey is a more enjoyable sport to watch, because it is more of a team sport. Looking at their physicality of play, how each sport is executed, and their fields of play, it can be perceived that hockey and basketball have a lot in common than the average person would think. When it comes to the physical style of play of the two sports, hockey is clearly the more physical of these two professional sports. The players skate around at high speeds in the efforts to attempt to take out the opposing team with body checks. There will be open ice checks, but the typical hit is taken along the boards. When a hockey player is going along the boards, the opposing team will often seek him out, and hit his body into that player in attempt to dislodge the puck. Now in basketball there is nothing to compare the hit along the boards, as the basketball court does not have boards. However it is that open ice hit where the similarity comes to play. In the sport of basket ball you can set what is called a screen. This is when an offensive player stands directly in the way of the defender, to allow his teammate to get away from that defender. If the defender is not paying enough attention, he can very well hit the offense player, at sometimes running speeds, which can slow him up and possibly, knock him down. The other areas in basketball where the play is very physical, is near the basketball hoop. Just like hockey, when the players all get very close to the basket, the two sides tend to push, shove, and hold more in efforts to prevent

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