Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Draft Today I would like to compare my parents up bringing to mine own . Both of my parents were brought up in a two parent household. My parents had great role models to look up to while growing up. Growing up they were provide with stability as well as a care free child hood. Hearing stories from both my mother and father about there up bringing always made me smile because how perfect I dreamed it was. My mother’s parents graduated college and had successful careers as well as my fathers. Once they were older my mother chose to take the wrong path and drop out of high school and never look back. My dad on the other hand finished high school and went off to college. Mother got into drugs which affected everyone’s life .The soiled up bringing that mom had she rebelled and through it all down the drain. Growing up was not the best life for me my parents lived in separate households and there was no stability. My life was the complete opposite from my parent’s life. Sometimes I didn’t even know if we would have a place to live when I came home from school. I was raised by just my mother who didn’t care if I dropped out of school or if I graduated. My life was not care free my life was chaotic and there was never a dull moment. My life today is much better being that I am an adult and have children of my own. I make sure that I provide the life that I always wanted to have for my children. When my parents were brought up there life was so different from my own. There is nothing that I would change about my life it made me who I am today. I will continue to strive to do better every day so that I can be better than my parents and that my children can be better than me

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