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Compare And Contrast 2 Online Computer Games Essay

  • Submitted by: rlynn19
  • on March 16, 2012
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Richard Lynn
EN130 English Composition II
Assignment 06

                    There are two online First person shooter games that attempt to dominate our gaming consoles, Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Both struggling for the top in the gaming industry. Consumers have a tough choice between these two titles. These games are both first person shooters and are based on “what if?” military scenarios in a World War III setting with the use of guns and tactical warfare that actually exist. It is feasible that two games with so many similarities can almost pass off as the same game. But the fact is, these two games that have so much in common actually happen to have so many differences in game play.
                    Both MW3 and BF3 have online game play that sets you with a team against another team consisting of players locally and from all over the world. There are a few game modes in each game that are exactly the same but may be named differently. For example team death match in mw3 and squad death match in bf3 hold the same objective; Achieve more kills than the opposing team. The two ways to win are to either gain the maximum amount of kills per team and reach the winning score or just hold more kills than the other team before the time limit runs out. In both games you can use a head set to communicate with other players to create a battle plan. Each game offers you certain gun classes to decide on close range combat with a shotgun, medium range combat with an assault rifle, and long range combat with a sniper rifle. The more you level up in each game, the more guns and tactical equipment you unlock. To level up you don’t need to play great but you must contribute in each online game win.
                  The differences modern warfare 3 holds to battlefield 3 are vast. Smaller maps allow for more twitch-based gunplay meaning you never know what’s behind each corner; it’s a constant test of reflex. When...

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