Compare and Contrast 2 Characters from Ray Bradbury's Stories

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The comparison between Ray Bradbury's Eckels from A Sound Of Thunder, and the main character from The Last Night Of The World (TLNOTW), is quite interesting in the fact that the two are far more different, than alike. The unique traits they individually own tend to be mostly shown in their personality and speech, and their similarities appear to be that they both accept the fates of their outcomes, but, in very different ways. A main contributor to their differneciality from each other, is their personalities. The character of Eckels is cowardly, thoughtless, and quite easily disturbed, an example of this is when he decides it's too much for him to shoot the dinosaur and goes back to the time machine and then eventually thoughtlessly steps on a butterfly. Whereas, the main character of TLNOTW is quite content about life, considerate, and patient. Even through the inevitable thought that the world is going to end, he remains calm, and goes about his normal everyday life, as if it's never going to occur. The most probable purpose as to why Ray Bradbury has made these stories and personalities so diverse is to create an interesting variety in his work; to keep readers hooked, rather than just the same type of story all the time. Another obviously different quality between the two characters, is their speech. Like his personality, the main character of TLNOTW's voice is very calm and pleasant; he never once raised his voice in concern of the worlds end. On the other hand, Eckels' speech is very disconcerting, worrisome, and even somewhat cocky. He talks with great self-confidence in himself and interest when first traveling back in time, but is easily frightened once seeing what he was up against. The two characters are very unalike, making it difficult to pin point a similarity between the two, but they do somewhat share a same idea, that they both
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