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Compare and Contrast Paul Mitchell vs. Pantene Pro V Jamie Ripplinger National American University Paul Mitchell Shampoo vs. Pantene Pro V shampoo Many people who buy hair products usually end up buying what fits their pocket book. This essay will cover and contrast two shampoos Paul Mitchell (professional salon product) and Pantene Pro V (non-professional). There are three differences in these two shampoos; price, quality, and guaranteed results. When you buy professional products at the salon you can always return the product and get you money back with or without a guarantee. Paul Mitchell and Pantene shampoos differ greatly in price. In most stores you can go and pick up Pantene for about five dollars a bottle, Paul Mitchell on the other hand may tend to be about ten to fifteen dollars on the average. This is the one of the disadvantages of buying a salon product like Paul Mitchell. There is much more quality to Paul Mitchell than there is to Pantene. Pantene is not as concentrated as Paul Mitchell. With Paul Mitchell being more concentrated, it will last you a few weeks longer than Pantene. With this you may spend a little more money, but in the long run the price may be the same. Both products have special formulas for all different types of hair. NEED TO ADD MORE HERE When someone reads the back of a Pantene bottle it has no guarantee that it could be old or tampered with. On the back of the Paul Mitchell bottle it says “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional Hairdresser, otherwise it may be counterfeit, black market, old or tampered with.” Also on Paul Mitchell’s website, it states ”When you buy Paul Mitchell products online or at drugstores, grocery stores and other mass retail chains, we can’t guarantee they’re the real deal.” NEED TO CITE Pantene also has a guarantee that if you try Pantene for ten days and do not see visible

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