Compare And Contras The Characters In Jane Eyre

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Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre Compare and contrast the way that Bronte characterises Jane and Helen. Consider: Language Their opinion of life and death How they respond to punishment Their relationships with adults Jane and Helen are very different in the way they act, their own meaning of life and how they feel generally. Helen believes that life is only a gate way to heaven and while alive the soul is trapped. Whereas Jane thinks that life should be lived and wants to live it to the full. Jane wishes not to be the best or the most good, only to get by without being beaten and humiliated. Helens way of thinking of life means that she doesn’t mind being hurt or beaten because this means she is closer to being taken to what she believes is her purpose, heaven. Helen welcomes punishment because she feels that she deserves punishment to make her better for the afterlife. Jane on the other hand does not like being punished and so does her best to avoid being reprimanded. Jane and Helen have very different relationships with adults. On the one hand Jane is quite stubborn around them and doesn’t want to show her emotions, but on the inside she wants to be good so that she doesn’t get the “Miss Reed” scenario where she is being practically bullied. On the other hand Helen has a good relationship with the teachers, although if Helen does do something wrong then she gets severely punished. When Helen is in the teachers “good books” as such then she gets on well at school being the top of the
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