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Jay Jay Jeffers Compare and Contract Blazblue Cs V Street Fighter 4 12/11/11 There are two good fighting games I am going to compare and contract with the two fighting games they are called Blazblue CS and Street Fighter 4.The first thing I am going to do is write about Blazblue CS. Blazblue is a fighting game that is a 2d fighter made in 2010 by Aksys games. Blazblue has roster of About 18 different characters with their own unique fighting style. Some of the characters in the Game is very strange. In the game there are many modes you can play thought there a story mode, Versus mode, arcade mode, tutorial mode, score attack mode, challenge mode, legion mode, and gallery Mode, Replay Theater and Network mode, which is the online. In the online when you beat someone you Level up if the person you beat level is higher then yours and if you did distortion or astral finishers on Your opponent. If your opponent level is much lower then yours you get a little bit of points or you do not Get no points at all. One great thing about the online is when you are done fighting someone you can Download the fight in the replay theater mode in watch the fight. In the game all the characters have Powerful finishes moves call a distortion and astral finisher a distortion finisher is a powerful move that All the character has at least two of. Astral finisher is a move that can take your opponent out in one Hit. To do these finishers the characters heat gauge has to be at 50% for a distortion finisher and 100% for An astral finisher. A heat gauge is the energy the characters get when they hit each other or block A Attack. Blazblue is also a very story base fighting game that has very long in well-made story for each of The characters. All in all Blazblue CS is a very
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