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A pope of ancient times has been ignored throughout history. He is noted but rarely does it explain the extent of his works of not so saintly ways. When compared next to Adolf Hitler, this pope seems equally terrible in ways of intolerance. First, to familiarize one self with the story of Adolf Hitler's rise to power. World War I had ended and the reconstruction of Europe was under way. Germany had taken a great hit and lost the war. It left them without an army, without the ability to gain another army, the country was deep in a financial debt and deeply without hope. Hitler built up Germany and regained hope to the Germans. Hitler had seemed to be a saint. Minus the killing of six million people, but Pope Innocent IV makes it clear that no matter how many people one kills one may remain considered a saint. In 1195, what would soon be the next Pope Innocent IV had been born in Italy to a wealthy family of nobility status. He had been given an education and studied at universities in Parma and Bologna. He later moved to Bologna and taught canon law. It was this that he was elected pope in June of 1243. Although Hitler had never been elected to be a pope, he had dreams of becoming a priest when he was small. This is drastically different from what his occupation turned out as. It is well-known throughout history that Hitler is, debatably, one of the world's most recognized public figures. He was Austrian born but had been moved to Germany in being relocated by his father. Two of his brothers died and his father and mother followed shortly after. Hitler had deep psychological disorders rooted to his childhood. Years later Hitler had made a name of himself as Chancellor of Germany. He fought World War II on two sufferer fronts. All while he dictated the extermination of six million people of jewish faith, homosexuals, gypsies, and other groups that Hitler

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