Comparative Study Tirra Lirra by the River and Tennysons Poetry Essay

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The inevitable desire for control and power throughout society stems from an individuals longing to decide their own fate. This yearning for control is explored both in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s ‘The Lady of Shallot’, ‘Tears, Idle Tears’ , ‘In Memoriam - Cantos XVI, XVII, XVIII,XIX’ and Jessica Anderson’s prose fiction text ‘Tirra Lirra by the River’. These texts look at women and artists inability to gain power, the loss of control of emotions and the absence of control in the world. After close analysis of the texts with appreciation towards intertextual connections and a strict regard for context, it is possible to form an understanding of the individuals impotence to gain power and thus this overarching need for control that impacts their inability to think rationally and impose appropriate actions. Women alongside artists have always had an issue with power struggle; whether in relationships, workplace, society or with themselves, they are constantly reaching for a sense of control. The context of women and artists in Tennyson’s and Anderson's texts is important when looking for an understanding of the power of the individuals. Nora Porteous, the main character of ‘Tirra Lirra by the River’, is an artist who faces many difficulties that stem from the fact that her life choices are limited by the traditional female role of the 1970s, a role to which she generally submits passively, similar to that of the lady of Shallot who is afraid to change due to her restrictions with both being an artists and the curse. Nora says “Here i am, and here i will stay. Anything else is too much trouble.” This shows both the struggle of artists and women in deciding between leaving the familiar but compromising their art or staying in the mundane. It also shows the everlasting struggle of women in relationships and Nora's inability to leave her relationship long after she knew she

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