Comparative Study of Siddhartha and Alchemist

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COMPARATIVE STUDY OF SIDDHARTHA AND THE ALCHEMIST Spirituality has been one of the most favourite themes of the novelists. Ample literature has been written on spirituality. Of course it should be because human life has two aspects one materialistic and the second one is spiritual. Basically spirituality is self realization which ultimately leads us to the realization of God. Since the creation of human beings man has been attempting to find out the meaning of spirituality. Every person interprets spirituality in his own way therefore the definition of spirituality is very controversial. The definition of spirituality was interpreted in different terms in different ages. Here we will take the term spirituality as synonymous to self realization. Islam has also emphasized on importance of self realization. The holy Quran urges us to explore ourselves that will ultimately end in realization of God. It is not possible to find out God without self realization. Herman Hesse and Paulo Coehlo, both have attempted to depict the journey of a person to his soul. There come many hurdles sufferings and of course persuasions that compel one to halt ones journey but only those who have invincible courage can realize the secret relation. The main characters in the novels make the same journey but they approach and accomplish their goals through different ways. Both writers depicted nature as a teacher and a guide in the spiritual journey. They have employed transcendentalist approach which states that everything in the world has a soul and all souls share a common origin, when we resolve to do something all the universe helps us to achieve our goal. Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist is an enchanting fable about the spiritual journey we all must take if we are to fulfill our dreams and play out our destiny. Along the way we need to learn how to

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