Comparative Review

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Running head: COMPARATIVE REVIEW Introduction The article “Why Prostitution Initiative Misses” was written by Ronald Weitzer, a professor at George Washington University who specializes in criminology. The article is about prostitution and the proposed Measure Q a bill initiated by the city of Berkeley. The second article “The Legalization of Prostitution” was written by James Bovard a libertarian author and lecturer who have written several books on social issues. The article states several reasons of why legalizing prostitution is important. Article One The purpose of the article is to state why Measure Q, a proposition on the November 2004 ballot in the city of Berkeley, is negative and should not be passed. Measure Q it set up to make enforcement of all prostitution laws the lowest priority of Berkeley's police department. Mr. Weitzer claims that there are three main reasons why this law would not solve the social problem of prostitution. First, the author of Measure Q does not provide adequate statistics to support their claims. Furthermore, author of Measure Q tries to validate it by mentioning privacy rights, demanding that it is not the law's job to regulate what citizens do in private. Mr. Weitzer states that this is false because prostitution occurs out in public and should be a public issue. Residents living near San Pablo Avenue, in Berkeley do not agree with Measure Q because Berkeley police received 294 calls from residents complaining about street prostitution in their neighborhoods. Measure Q will prevent police responsiveness and anger citizens. Mr. Weitzer claims that street prostitution is not a "victimless crime”, instead, he asserts that the entire community as well as the sex workers are all victims. Measure Q is designed to "help stop violence against women” but nowhere in the propostion does it state exactly how the
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