Comparative Essay Similarities: Bombs Bursting In Air By Beth Johnson

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Essay Similarities Danielle Piazza [pic] 11/19/2009 English Comp I Dr. Knight The first essay chosen by me to comparatively examine is “Bombs Bursting in Air” written by Beth Johnson, an essay about a mother trying to find a way to share bad news with her children about the hardships of life. She begins to recollect moments in her life where things have gone horribly wrong. The essay is written in first-person sharing the author’s views and thoughts. The author and her children are at the Junior Olympics where her son is competing on a relay-race team. During the Star Spangled Banner, she begins thinking about how bombs are a metaphor pertaining to tragedies throughout life. The bombshell hitting her…show more content…
All we can hope for is to try to be the best we can be, help others when we can, and work hard in every situation on any given day. There are many unfortunate people in this world but may be possible impossible to help them all. If every fortunate person helped one or two less fortunate each day, imagine how many people would get a meal, an article of clothing, or maybe even a warm place to sleep. I have always lived by the aphorism “Every little bit helps.” Though the efforts may not be much but the initial thought is always what counts. Student Carol Siskin wrote a comparison-contrast essay titled “The Virtues of Growing Older.” She delves into issues of how many people wish to be young again although age definitely has its advantages. Being older you have already made most life-decisions, whereas youth-decisions are around every corner. With the progression of age comes self-assurance and the realization of knowing who one is. You are familiar with and are often satisfied with the results of your decisions. Youth is full of questions and indecisiveness. After all, this is the beginning of your
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