Comparative Essay. Nuclear Power Versus Coal

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Academic Writing Assignment 2 Comparative essay. Nuclear power versus Coal We live in a half urban world where five out of six people are developing, moving to cities. Everybody needs electricity nowadays, whether it is a city or countryside. (Brand, 2010) So far, there are only three major sources of constant electricity: coal and gas, hydroelectric and nuclear power. (Brand, 2010) Since hydroelectric power in most places is maxed out, coal and nuclear power will be discussed in this essay. There are a lot of debates about which one of the energy sources is superior to the other, which is less harmful to the environment, easier to build, cheaper and more convenient in general. The conclusion will elaborate on the differences and the similarities that these to energy sources have. The main thing that we are looking at when talking about these energy sources is what does it do to our environment? What happens to the waste? For example, nuclear energy does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide so it does not contribute to air pollution. (Technology Student ,2009) Nuclear power is characterized by the very large amount of energy available from a very small amount of fuel. The amount of waste is also relatively small. However, much of the waste is radioactive and therefore must be carefully managed as hazardous waste. Currently, only temporary storage areas exist for the disposal of radioactive waste. One effective method is on the ocean floor at a point above where subducting plates meet several thousand feet below the water's surface and then another 2,000 meters beneath ocean sediment. The repositories would be virtually inaccessible once filled and sealed. In comparison, coal-fired power plants are a major source of air pollution, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. ‘Environmentalists also claim coal burning contributes to acid rain and
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