Comparative Essay: Of Mice And Men And Curious Incident

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Comparative Essay

“You are required to write a comparative essay. You should compare the experiences of the outsider in the books ‘The Curious Incident’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’”

In the two books, ‘The Curious Incident’ by Mark Haddon and ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck the feature of an ‘outsider’ can be discovered. Both books are skillful novels, which deal with the theme of `outsiders', that is, individuals who do not fit into the mainstream of society. This feature is shown in many different ways in both of the books, mostly in the two protagonists of the texts. The 15 year old Christopher Boone of ‘The Curious Incident’ suffers under the Asperger syndrome and therefore has a different perspective on life than normal people. Lennie Small, who plays one of the main characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’ is mentally retarded and needs to get through a tough life style in another way.

Although Lennie of ‘Of Mice and Men’ is among the principal character, he perhaps is the least dynamic. He does not change, develop or grow throughout the novel and remains the same for most of the time. Lennie is mentally retarded, which can be seen in his actions; he loves to pet soft things, is very faithful to George and their vision of the farm and possesses incredible physical strength. Since these characteristics are being demonstrated throughout the whole novel, the reader must feel strong sympathy for him because it is clear that Lennie is hopeless. During the cause of events the reader gets compassion for him because he is just so doomed. Gaining this kind of feeling towards Lennie, proves that he is an outsider because otherwise there could not be such a sensation felt. Lennie is totally defenseless. He cannot avoid the dangers presented by Curley, Curley’s wife or the world at large. His enthusiasm for the vision of their future farm proves contagious as he convinces
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