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Modernity occurs when a group is more advanced than the other civilizations surrounding them or others during that time. Many civilizations have shown modernity throughout history. Those civilzations of the past have made several positive contributions to the modern world and the civilizations that inhabit it today. During the 12th-15th centuries, The Aztecs and Incas had both a strong centralized government and rigid heirarchial societies. However, the Incas lacked a written language system while the Aztecs lacked an elaborate road system. In my opinion, the Incan civilzations had a more significant impact on the world today. The new civilization that began to grow in Mesoamerica during the 12th century became known as the Aztecs, "the place of the seven legendary caves", located in what is now Mexico City. They developed Tenochtitlan and expanded their empire by conquering nearby people and extracting tribute from them. The Incan civilization was located within the Andes Mountains and the began to develop terrace farms. Both of these civilizations developed their rigid hierarchial societites because they were both ruled by strict authoritarian governments. The Aztec society consisted of a strong military elite, an elite priesthood, skilled craftsman, and a large number of slaves.The Aztecs were ruled by a monarch in Tenochtitlan. The monarch was limited by a counsil of aristocrats that made many decisions concerning their wars. However, the Incan society had a ruler that was viewed as a god, a class of consisting of rulers, aristocrats, military men, priests and peasants, and a small merchant class. They had a highly powerful ruler that owned all of the land, theoretically. The rulers created very extensive road systems and reinforced the leader's power. While the Aztecs had a specific language known as N'ahuatl. The pictures acted as an alphabet for them and

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