Comparative Effectiveness Essay

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Comparative effectiveness research has proven itself to be an important component in health care for identifying the best and most cost-effective interventions and standardizing their use. “A Comparative Effectiveness Research System (CER System) is a mechanism for synthesizing research about different medical interventions and translating it into guidelines for or restrictions on the use of different types of therapies, in an attempt to maximize good outcomes for patients” (Jonas, 278). The main goal of the CER System is to maintain and standardize quality and of health care and control the costs. In the comparative effectiveness research system, researchers can compare the benefits and harms of treatments, procedures, medications, and many more aspects in healthcare to see which one is more effective in preventing, diagnosing, treating, or even monitoring patients conditions. Treatments and procedures can be very different depending on the situation, and the comparative effectiveness research system develops the most effective approach to every situation. There are many benefits of having a comparative effectiveness research system in today’s society. The two most important benefits of the comparative effectiveness system are the improvement in quality care and cost of healthcare. In a 2009 report by the Institute of Medicine, it was stated that, “comparative effectiveness research provides an opportunity to improve the quality and outcomes of health care by providing more and better information to support decisions by the public, patients, caregivers, clinicians, purchasers and policy makers” (Jonas, 281). This system has demonstrated that expensive medical therapies don’t have to be used to treat patients. The same outcome can be received by applying a cheaper alternative. This is why the comparative effectiveness research system has benefited the society and
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