Comparative Analysis of Spanish and English

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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 438 508 CS 013 867 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION ISBN PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM Berghoff, Beth; Egawa, Kathryn A.; Harste, Jerome C.; Hoonan, Barry T. Beyond Reading and Writing: Inquiry, Curriculum, and Multiple Ways of Knowing. Whole Language Umbrella Series. National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, IL.; Whole Language Umbrella, Bloomington, IN. ISBN-0-8141-2341-4 2000-00-00 127p. PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS National Council of Teachers of English, 1111 W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801-1096 (Stock No. 23414-3050: $14.95 members, $19.95 nonmembers). Tel: 800-369-6283 (Toll Free); Web site: Books (010) Reports Descriptive (141) MF01/PC06 Plus Postage. Classroom Techniques; Cognitive Style; Elementary Education; *Language Arts; Language Experience Approach; *Literacy; Multiple Intelligences; *Student Centered Curriculum; *Theory Practice Relationship *Collaborative Inquiry; Critical Pedagogy; *Meaning Construction ABSTRACT This book is based on the belief that learners who are making meaning draw simultaneously on different dimensions of knowing--different forms of expression, different kinds of ideas, and different cultural frameworks. When honored and recognized in the classroom these differences create a richer way to explore the path to knowledge, according to the book. By stressing that literacy develops across sign systems that can include art, music, and movement, in addition to language, the book encourages "artful" teaching and learning. It argues, in fact, that those most challenged by traditional curriculum will find with this approach the encouragement to shine. The book begins by explaining why inquiry and multiple ways of knowing should be central to literacy and learning, and shows how to build such a curriculum. It next offers theory-into-practice techniques,

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