A Comparative Analysis: The Armenian Genocide And The Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide

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This essay will discuss and compare the Armenian genocide of the First World War with the Bosnian Muslim Genocide of the 1990s. Even though these two genocides occurred over three quarters of a century apart they were still both influenced by a long shared history of ethnic distrust and disputes that continued during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and after. This essay will analyze the similarities and the differences between these two genocides. It will focus on the influence of past historical ethnic conflicts and events, motives for committing genocide, strategies of the genocide and the influence ethno-nationalism. Yugoslavia and Turkey have a history of ethnic conflict. The Serbs in Yugoslavia had long since wanted an independent Greater Serbian State. In fact World War I was started over this dispute. Furthermore, in the new Yugoslavia of 1918 the government only recognized three of the ethnicities, Macedonian Slavs, Albanians, and Muslims were not recognized. As Tim Judah wrote, “This was not just ignorance but foolhardiness, for which the people of former Yugoslavia are still paying today.” Much of the ethno-nationalism felt by the people by the Bosnia-Herzegovina genocide, was a direct result of the violent and confusing history and ideologies prior to and after the World Wars. The connection between what was occurring in the Baltic States and within Turkey was strong. Until 1913, many of the Baltic states, that later formed Yugoslavia, were controlled by the Ottoman Empire. However, by the end of the Balkan Wars, the Ottoman Empire lost approximately 85 percent of their European territory and 70 percent of their European population. These shifts of power lead to uncertainty and nationalism within the newly, or almost, independent Baltic States and the shrinking Ottoman Empire. Shame, humiliation, and most of all fear began to arise within the

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